Our music


Pure joy and energy! The Hebbe Sisters have been described as The Andrews Sisters of our time and deliver vocal jazz harmonies like no other in 2020. Prepare for a program full of wonderful swing and jazz music combined with energetic dance and smooth jazz ballads! 

Jazz it up and move - Live TV4 2020


Glitter, sequins and fast-paced choreography! The Hebbe Sisters will tailor their program to suit your preferences, whether it’s for a company dinner, private party, dinner show, TV performance or as guest performers at a gig. What better way of making your evening special than with a healthy dose of energetic music? See you on the dance floor!

Stop in the name of love - Live at Nalen 2019


Atmospheric tones. Like a babbling brook in the spring, as clear as crystal. The Hebbe Sisters have been singing choir music and traditional songs since early childhood. They cherish the treasure of songs from both Sweden and other cultures but add their own innovative touch and pioneering vocal arrangements.

Värmlandsvisan - Official Video


The Hebbe Sisters and Duo Sentire offer a musical experience unifying song, music, dance and poetry in a range of moods. Let this extraordinarily talented family take you on a mesmerizing journey from joyful swing via tap dancing to classical gems by Chopin! 

Gabriellas sång - Live at Barngolfen 2019